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Burberry Canvas Mega Check Leather Shoulder Bag Maroon official sale outlet 51x227u7

Burberry Canvas Mega Check Leather Shoulder Bag Maroon

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Azerbaijan prepares bill on Khojaly Genocide A bill on the Khojaly Genocide is being drafted in Azerbaijan in connection with the 25th anniversary of the tragedy, said Bahar Muradova, Deputy Speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament.

She made the remark at a presentation of the project of the legal aspects of recognition at the international level crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing in Baku on November 28. Muradova said there are obstacles on bringing to justice those people, who committed crimes in Nagorno Karabakh, and that should be removed. The bill will make it possible to give legal assessment to those crimes. She said preparation of the bill began on November 20 and it will be finished within three months. burberry uk online shopping The public opinion will be taken into account during the preparation of the draft law, Muradova added. Azay Guliyev, Vice President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, addressing the event said: should necessarily pass through three stages to achieve burberry suit outlet the legal assessment of the Khojaly genocide, he said. the first stage, the international community should be thoroughly informed about the genocide, he explained. the second stage, international organizations and parliaments of countries should give political assessment to this crime and adopt appropriate resolutions. Finally, legal assessment to the genocide should be given and the perpetrators should be brought to court of justice. noted that Azerbaijan, especially the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, has already done much to implement the first stage and inform the world about the genocide; however, the work should be continued. MP Nizami Safarov, in turn, stated that the bill will also cover extradition of criminals, who committed international crimes, their transfer to second country or to the international tribunal. Safarov said that for the preparation of the draft law international discount burberry purses experience, the laws of developed countries, case law and etc. is currently being studied. Chairman of Azerbaijani Parliament Committee on Law Policy and State Building Ali Huseynli stated that preparation of the bill to punish the criminals of the Khojaly genocide is important not only for legislation, but also for the international e shop burberry law in general. took serious steps in investigation of the Khojaly genocide in terms of law, he added. Military Prosecutor Office implements serious investigations over the Khojaly tragedy and every year receives new information about the genocide. Samad Seyidov also addressed the presentation, stating that Armenia the country participating in all projects in Europe, using its funds, and continuing the occupation policy should be brought to justice. Azerbaijani lands will be returned through negotiations or in other way, all these criminals should be taken to the court, the MP said. Khojaly, the second largest town in the Nagorno Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, came under intense fire from the towns of Khankendi and Askeran already occupied by the Armenian armed forces in 1992. About 613 civilians mostly women and children were killed in the massacre, and a total of 1,000 people were disabled. Eight families were exterminated, 25 children lost both parents, and 130 children lost one parent. Moreover, 1,275 innocent people were taken hostage, and the fate of 150 of them remains unknown. The conflict between the two South Caucasus countries began in 1988 when Armenia made territorial claims against Azerbaijan.

As a result of the ensuing war, in 1992 Armenian armed forces occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijan, including the Nagorno Karabakh region and seven surrounding districts. The 1994 ceasefire agreement was followed by peace negotiations. Armenia still controls fifth part of Azerbaijan territory and rejects implementing four UN Security Council resolutions on withdrawal of its armed forces from the Nagorno Karabakh and surrounding districts.

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